January 22, 2008

Dream Cruise (1996 story)

Written by Koji Suzuki.

This starts off a nice social satire as Masayuki Enoyoshi has the misfortune of being conned onto a yacht by a well-to-do couple, the Ushijimas, who are trying to lure him into their pyramid scam. Suzuki plays to his strengths, with morally grey characters and rich descriptions of Tokyo Bay.

January 14, 2008

The Hold (1996 story)

Written by Koji Suzuki.

Despite a steady income as a fisherman, Hiroyuki Inagaki's life is a nightmare of alcohol and anger. His once abusive father has gone senile and slumps around the house, munching on a steady diet of jelly rolls. His daughter has developed a speech impediment that's keeping her from school. And his son, Katsumi, is a quiet, apologetic boy who fears water - blasphemy to a fisherman!

January 9, 2008

Solitary Isle (1996 story)

Written by Koji Suzuki.

Kensuke Suehiro is a washed-up drop-out who is best friends with his successful peer, Toshihiro Aso. During an evening of drinking and debate, Kensuke learns his friend has left a female companion alone in the car. She is Yukari Nakazawa, a meek member of a local religious cult who drags after Toshihiro despite his frequent verbal abuse. Kensuke is shocked by his friend's repulsive behavior, and even more so when, a couple months later, Toshihiro tells him the tale of how he abandoned Yukari on a small artificial island in Tokyo Bay. Kensuke is uncertain about the event's validity but, before he can learn more, Toshihiro catches a rare cancer and quickly dies.

January 4, 2008

Floating Water (1996 story)

Written by Koji Suzuki.

Following a divorce, Yoshimi Mitsuba and her 5-year-old daughter Ikuko have spent the last three months making a life for themselves in a small apartment. During a trip to the roof to light off some fireworks, they discover a Hello Kitty bag.