December 19, 2017

[I Hate/Love Remakes] Mighty Joe Young

Another Lost Episode of I Hate Love/Remakes breaks loose from the cage as Tessa joins Evie and I for a look at Mighty Joe Young, the sorta spiritual spinoff from the makers of King Kong, and its 90s remake from Disney and the director of Tremors. Check it out here.

December 18, 2017

[Made of Fail] The Shannara Chronicles, episodes 16-20

At Made of Fail, I wrap up my episode breakdowns for the second season of Shannara Chronicles, which I sincerely doubt is ever going to have a season 3.

#16 "Crimson"
#17 "Warlock"
#18 "Amberle"
#19 "Wilderun"
#20 "Blood"