September 25, 2017

NEW SERIES! [Schumacast] The Early Life and Costume Designs of Joel Schumacher

In the introductory episode of Schumacast, Angie and I look at the early life of Joel Schumacher, his career in fashion, and his transition into cinema as we dig through the seven films he worked on as a costume/production designer. A surprisingly varied list of credits is appraised. Woody Allen is a creep. Someone else took Beyond the Batnipples so we wouldn't have to. And Roger Ebert occasionally had questionable taste in the 70s. Check it out here.

[I Hate/Love Remakes] The Lost Episodes: The Mummy

It's the return of I Hate/Love Remakes as we dust off some old episodes which were never released for various reasons. First up, horrendous audio issues and all, is our look at both versions of The Mummy, the 1932 Universal Monsters "classic" starring Boris Karloff, and the 1999 adventure/horror romcom with Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, and some of the most quotable lines of the 90s. Gee, which do you think we prefer! Check it out here.

September 24, 2017

[Greystoked] The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935)

At Greystoked, Michael and I are joined by fellow podcaster Melissa Kaercher to discuss The New Adventures of Tarzan (aka Tarzan and the Green Goddess), the 1935 serial which was the single outing as Tarzan for Olympic shot putter Herman Brix, who later became actor Bruce Bennett. A multitude of variants of the film were released or failed to be released. An entire cast and crew journeyed to Guatemala with an ape (and potentially a fake foot). Entire said crew then kept hiding in the rain forest from creditors. Actors were almost eaten. Clothes were torn into perfectly tailored loincloths. And marriages and divorces abounded as the couples involved decided to make some swaps. Check it out here.

September 20, 2017

[Masters of Carpentry] The Ward

This is it. At Masters of Carpentry, Alex and I are again joined by my old Remakes co-host Evie to discuss The Ward, which is to date the final film directed by John Carpenter. Twists and trauma run rampant, Amber Heard is applauded as the awesome actress she is, we're shocked to learn the identity of Jared Harris' father, and we find out we ourselves might very well be aspects of John Carpenter's personality as he slowly and begrudgingly leaps out at us from a mirror. Then, we discuss the F/X test reel for Darkchylde, the film John almost directed from the 90s comic which was very briefly a hit. THEN, Julia once again joins us as we look back on the project and John Carpenter's career as a whole. Check it out here.

August 28, 2017

[Masters of Carpentry] Pro-Life

At Masters of Carpentry, Alex and I are once again joined by fellow podcaster Melissa Kaercher to discuss "Pro-Life", the second and final episode John Carpenter directed for the anthology TV series Masters of Horror. It doesn't go well. Check it out here.

August 9, 2017

[Greystoked] Tarzan and His Mate (1934)

At Greystoked, Michael and I are joined by blogger Kay for Tarzan and His Mate, the second of MGM's iconic series starring Johnny Weissmuller. The ethics of his romance with Jane are discussed, guys are creeps, copious nude swimming is beheld, and everyone is eaten by lions. Check it out here.

August 7, 2017

[Masters of Carpentry] Cigarette Burns

At Masters of Carpentry, Alex and I are once again joined by film podcaster Melissa Kaercher for the first of two episodes John Carpenter directed for Masters of Horror, "Cigarette Burns", about the search for a cursed film which drives audiences mad. Guts are projected, thematic resonance explored, and mutual appreciation for Udo Kier expressed. Check it out here.

August 6, 2017

[Thundarr Road] Episode 1 "Secret of the Black Pearl"

At Thundarr Road, Michael, David, and I explore the series debut, where the dome-encrusted remains of New York house rodent men, a flame-wielding resurrected Statue of Liberty, and a confusingly two-faced wizard named Gemini. Also, Ookla fails to fly a helicopter. Check it out here.

July 30, 2017

[Thundarr Road] Introduction

In the debut of our new series exploring Thundarr the Barbarian, Michael, David, and I geek out about the interesting history of the series, our past experiences with it, and its place as a transitional point between 70s and 80s animated shows. Check it out here.

July 23, 2017

[Greystoked] Tarzan the Fearless (1933)

At Greystoked, Michael and I are joined by comic writer Christopher Mills to discuss the awkward serial Tarzan the Fearless, starring Buster Crabbe shortly before he was immortalized as Flash Gordon. Producer Sol Lesser makes his first of many appearances in the franchise, Butthead chuckles are evoked, and a meaty pair of buns flash their way into our hearts. Check it out here.