November 15, 2015

[Deconstruction is Magic] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, episodes 53-57

We've made it through the first third of FiM's truncated third season, featuring a wobbly yet shiny two-part epic, a disastrous swarm of giddily hopping clones, a very special message about bullying, and a wizard's duel where friendship truly is magic.

Episode 53 "The Crystal Empire, Part 1"

Episode 54 "The Crystal Empire, Part 2"

Episode 55 "Too Many Pinkie Pies"

Episode 56 "One Bad Apple"

Episode 57 "Magic Duel"

November 1, 2015

[Masters of Carpentry] Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

We've finally reached the point in the franchise where dreams of anthologies are done away with and Michael resumes his place as the Halloween anchor. How does this film live up to the legacy? How is Michael handled? Are strong new characters and ideas added? Who is Loomis draping on now as he heaves out "Evil!"? Check it out here.

October 17, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase] Vytor: The Starfire Champion

In which we explore the micro-project which failed to sell as both a tv series and a movie before its creators dug it out of their archives for a self-published dvd. A world overthrown by an evil warlord. A young hero destined to take him on with a fabled weapon. Two awesome women he consistently overshadows. Ecological messages aplenty. And gourmet protein cubes! Why was this short-lived? Find out!

Episode 1 "The Starfire Legacy"

Episode 2 "Aerion"

Episode 3 "The Spirit Tree"

Episode 4 "Wilderland"

Final Thoughts and the Film Cut

October 3, 2015

[Deconstruction is Magic] My Little Pony, season 2 wrapup

I stepped away from this project during the writeups of season 2, but I continued to follow along and the crew was kind enough to let me return as we discussed the season overall. You can give it a listen here!

The big news, I'm rejoining the blog for season 3! And since I forgot to post about it here earlier, check out the season 2 post on "The Last Roundup", which I guested on to offer some personal thoughts.

September 24, 2015

[Masters of Carpentry] Big Trouble in Little China

We've reached one of the big ones, as John Carpenter and Kurt Russel take us on a magical journey of wizards, warriors, and restaurant maitre ds taking on an ogling old creeper and his labyrinth of monsters, all in the hopes of getting a truck back. Check it out here!

September 10, 2015

[Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome] Akira Kurosawa

Hey, remember all those reviews I did years and years ago in the early days of this blog where I went through the entire filmography of Akira Kurosawa? No? No worries, I didn't know any of you back then. However! it packed me with so much info on the master director that Melissa & Windy had me back on their show to discuss him. The discussion went long, and only two of us were still conscious as it reached the end, but I had a blast, and a huge thank you to the two of them for having me on.

Part 1

Part 2

August 29, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase] Bubsy

It's time for another One and Done special as comic artist extraordinaire Julie Sydor joins us for a look at the colorfully unfortunate multi-media mascot franchise which proves once and for all what could possibly go wrong. Check it out here!

August 22, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase] Cybersix, pitch pilot

"There's a dual fight where Data-7 is taking on José in the drill machine. Most of this made it to that episode. Cyber is taking on Terra, and I much prefer the Evil!Terra design here than the anglerfish version used in the episode. Here, it's still got that grinning clown mask, albeit twisted into a sinister leer, and dozens of eye-stalks emerge all over the body, all looking at its victim at once, the two on its head draping down like a jester's bells. It's really quite chilling."

For more, check out my latest post.

August 20, 2015

[Masters of Carpentry] The Philadelphia Experiment

"It is an entertaining movie. It does start strong, I think the middle chunk has a lot of great ideas and stuff, but Carpenter couldn't figure out a third act, and it still feels like they couldn't figure out a third act. Because they just graft on this whole storm and vortex and stuff, and it does fall apart as it gets near the end. Even then, the stuff that's there, I found it kinda clunky and choppy, and I didn't really find there to be any chemistry between the two leads. It's a film that's almost there."

For more, check out our latest episode.