April 10, 2016

[Cinetropolis & Masters of Carpentry] Return of the Thing

Last summer, I recorded a Masters of Carpentry episode with my friend Benjamin J. Colon where we discussed Return of the Thing an unproduced Sci Fi Channel mini-series from the mid-2000s, which was going to be produced (and possibly directed?) by Frank Darabont as a sequel to John Carpenter's 1982 classic The Thing. I sat on the episode for a while because I still needed to write and record the opening chunk of production notes and a synopsis. When I finally got on that, it ended up expanding into something way too large to record for the episode, so Tim Pelan at Cinetropolis was kind enough to let me host the adjoining piece on his site as an article tying into the podcast. What resulted was the single longest article I've written to date, so I don't begrudge anyone who's not able to make it all the way through, but I had fun writing it as well as researching the entire run of Syfy's channel history. Seriously, I've got detailed timelines and everything. From now on, all my pieces on the unproduced works of John Carpenter will be articles for Cinetropolis, though there's a few I'm definitely planning to accompanying a podcast with.

The Article:

The Podcast

March 12, 2016

[Masters of Carpentry] The Thing prequel

We've got an open month on the show (Blood River, why so obscure!), so I'm filling it with a few bonus episodes I've been sitting on for a while. First up, comic creator extraordinaire Julie Sydor is back as we look at the 2011 prequel movie to John Carpenter's The Thing, as well as some semi-related bonus thoughts on Harbinger Down and the first season of Helix. Check it out here.

March 11, 2016

[Made of Fail] The Shannara Chronicles, Season 1

As many of you know, after several years of creating content affiliated with Made of Fail, I ended up parting ways with them for various reasons to venture off on my own. But Made of Fail has ably carried on, retooling the central podcast, and over the last season, adding some wonderful new blogging projects to the site. Dayna herself began some wonderful coverage of The Shannara Chronicles, a television adaptation of a book series to which we both have deep ties from our younger days. I eagerly followed along with her writeups, and when she suddenly needed to step aside, I offered to fill in during her absence. It was weird popping into the old site again, but fun, as we not only saw the season through, but I had a blast collaborating with Dayna on the final post-mortem post. It was a really nice opportunity, one I'm glad I didn't pass up.

Dayna's initial posts:
Episodes 1-2 "Chosen"
Episode 3 "Fury"
Episode 4 "Changeling"
Episode 5 "Reaper"

Then I took over:
Episode 6 "Pykon"
Episode 7 "Breakline"
Episode 8 "Utopia"
Episode 9 "Safehold"
Episode 10 "Ellcrys"

Then our shared post-mortem.

March 2, 2016

[Deconstruction is Magic] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, episodes 58-62

It only took us (yeesh!) four months, but we made it through another batch of season 3. Tall tales were told, alpha leaders were determined, families were chaosed, dragon codes were crayoned upon cards, and uber big bads were befriended. Enjoy!

58 "Sleepless in Ponyville"
59 "Wonderbolts Academy"
60 "Apple Family Reunion"
61 "Spike At Your Service"
62 "Keep Calm and Flutter On"

February 21, 2016

[Masters of Carpentry] El Diablo

Back in the 80s, John Carpenter took a couple stabs at making El Diablo, an original western, before it ultimately drifted to HBO where it was produced as a tv movie. It's weird, it's wild, it's messy, it's occasionally quite hilarious. Check out our episode here.

January 31, 2016

[Masters of Carpentry] Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

In our latest installment of the Halloween franchise, things take a sad turn as the wrong characters are killed, the story stops making sense, a beloved character actor takes a turn for the worst, and Michael spends a surprising amount of time with his mask off and his face in clear view. Is a magnificent performance from little Danielle Harris enough to make it worthwhile? Check it out here.

January 10, 2016

[Masters of Carpentry] They Live

Melissa Kaercher again dons the shades with us as we take a loving look at Carpenter's rowdy 80s classic. We also take some time to recap the glorious peak that was Carpenter in the 80s as we ready ourselves for the final leg of this project. Check it out here.

Fun fact: If you notice that my audio sounds a little different and a bit more stilted than usual in the first 25-ish minutes, there's a reason for that. My audio didn't exist. Partway through recording the episode, we realized we'd encountered the glaring technical error of me not pressing record on my end, and Skype's recorder (good riddance, Powergramo) completely failed to give us a backup. Nonetheless, as we had everyone elses' audio, we pressed on, and I was able to fill in those missing portions by blowing up their tracks so I could faintly make out my own voice through their headphones, thus giving me a guide to re-record that portion of my end. It doesn't fix me being a stiff actor, nor that I'm suddenly talking quietly because it was the middle of the night and I didn't want to wake people up, but hey, we still managed to save the episode instead of just scrapping it and starting over again. Which is what happened next month. Stay tuned for that!