May 21, 2014

[Castle Rock Companion] The Dead Zone

Check out Angie's latest post for a look at King's tale of a man who returns from near death with psychic abilities. And is totally hot when played by Anthony Michael Hall's glare. Christopher Walken, ehhh, not so much. Still has the great voice, but Hall is so pretty.

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May 14, 2014

[Castle Rock Companion] The Running Man

Check out Angie's latest post as she looks at two wildly divergent classic takes on the story of reality competition TV gone awry. And I loves them both, yes I do.

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May 1, 2014

Don "The Dragon" Wilson... Bloodfist 4: Die Trying (1992)

Let me say up front that this is going to be a less in-depth review than my usual Bloodfist pieces. The first two films were pretty straight forward martial arts plots, and the third a typical prison film story, so there wasn't much reason to hold back on spoilers. With part 4, however, they've decided to go all Hitchockian thriller with crosses and double crosses and false identities and a web of individuals that leaves you guessing who's working with or fighting against whom. Actually, it's a lot like Charade, the greatest Hitchcock film Hitchcock never made, which the film calls out not once, but twice as Don "The Dragon" Wilson's character goes off about how he's "Sick of all these charades!"