April 7, 2012

Star Trek: Galilea #4 "Crystal Clear"

Star Trek: Galilea was a fan audio drama series I took part in. I was a member of the writing staff throughout the series, and played Commander Valkon.

Check it out here.

[Note - 3/12/2014] This was Kevin's episode, but he was having a difficult time working out the first contact sequence because, by my memory, we hadn't entirely worked out what exactly the Shintari were beyond them being crystalline and having scavenged Borg tech. So I did a draft of that chunk - focusing on sound and music references, and filling our question of why they've avoided space travel by having them be blind - and he revised it for the final draft.

And by this point in our scripts, we'd started to use "Okuda" as a placeholder for technical jargon to be added later.

I'm especially proud of my dad's performance in this episode, and it was a thrill getting to direct him through lines I wrote.