May 26, 2017

[A Random Podcast] Iron Fist

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My friend (and Long Box Carpentry co-host) JD and I had many things we wanted to say about the Netflix TV series adaptation of Iron Fist, so we figured, hey, why not record a completely random podcast about it. And debut the episode 2 months after the TV show was released and everyone else has moved on from talking about it. Yay!

Follow JD DeMotte on Twitter, and check out his shows Comics Are Awesome! and From the Pages on YouTube, and his occasional appearances on The Defenders Podcast.

May 7, 2017

[Greystoked] 1910-1920s Recap

Michael and I look back on the first two decades of Tarzan in cinema, placing it against the backdrop of the original novels, other appearances in pop culture, and other jungle heroes created before and along the way. Check it out here.