August 29, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase] Bubsy

It's time for another One and Done special as comic artist extraordinaire Julie joins us for a look at the colorfully unfortunate multi-media mascot franchise which proves once and for all what could possibly go wrong. Check it out here!

August 23, 2015

August 22, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase] Cybersix, pitch pilot

"There's a dual fight where Data-7 is taking on José in the drill machine. Most of this made it to that episode. Cyber is taking on Terra, and I much prefer the Evil!Terra design here than the anglerfish version used in the episode. Here, it's still got that grinning clown mask, albeit twisted into a sinister leer, and dozens of eye-stalks emerge all over the body, all looking at its victim at once, the two on its head draping down like a jester's bells. It's really quite chilling."

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August 20, 2015

[Masters of Carpentry] The Philadelphia Experiment

"It is an entertaining movie. It does start strong, I think the middle chunk has a lot of great ideas and stuff, but Carpenter couldn't figure out a third act, and it still feels like they couldn't figure out a third act. Because they just graft on this whole storm and vortex and stuff, and it does fall apart as it gets near the end. Even then, the stuff that's there, I found it kinda clunky and choppy, and I didn't really find there to be any chemistry between the two leads. It's a film that's almost there."

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August 16, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase] Cybersix comic, volume 1, part 2

"Ultimately, it's hard to recommend this volume. I certainly don't recommend it to those who enjoy the cartoon and it's not hard to see why there's little overlap in fandom between the two, to the point where all fan attempts to translate the comic have stalled partway through volume 1. It is an interesting book, strikingly drawn, with a nice setup, interesting characters, and some really nice story beats at times. It's also mean, gross, messy, and just not a very enjoyable and entertaining read. It's just so juvenile that it's not hard to place it alongside the other dreck that was comics in the 90s Extreeeme Age."

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August 15, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase] Cybersix comic, volume 1, part 1

"This is still a pretty strong intro piece to the series, setting up our lead and her struggle, both the streets she prowls at night and the life she leads during the day, a couple key players in her supporting cast (especially Lucas and his hunt to find answers about Cybersix and the Technos), and is also a nice examination of the world they all live in. Yeah, it's grittier and grosser, but not in a terrible way. I really do like the blocky, messy, but very dynamic and animated art. I had some complaints about the designs in the toon, especially that hair, but there's a stronger consistency to it here. It's very noir, very dank and shadow heavy, engulfing our characters in this setting just as the writing engulfs Cyber in her conflicted thoughts, and the soaring leaps across rooftops are a nice escape."

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August 9, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase] Cybersix, episode 13 "The Final Confrontation"

"I figured they were going to pull out some stops when we reached the end of this series, but I didn't expect as massive of a finale as we got."

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August 2, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase] Cybersix, episode 12 "Daylight Devil"

"This entire run, I've sung the praises of the animation on this show, as some of the most exquisite stuff the industry was putting out at the time. Hell, for all his grumping, even Tony's admitted the animation is pretty spectacular. Yet even within the context of all that, this week's episode blew me away. Those are my socks on the ground with little puffs of smoke rising from them, that speck fading into the distance is me, blown right the hell away."

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