April 30, 2016

[Masters of Carpentry] Memoirs of an Invisible Man

In which my old fellow Remakes alum joins us as we look at the failure of Chevy Chase breaking into dramatic roles, but the success of John Carpenter returning to mainstream directorial work after a 6-year gap, and ILM breaking new ground with effects they'd spend the rest of the decade perfecting and evolving. Check it out here.

April 10, 2016

[Cinetropolis & Masters of Carpentry] Return of the Thing

Last summer, I recorded a Masters of Carpentry episode with my friend Benjamin J. Colon where we discussed Return of the Thing an unproduced Sci Fi Channel mini-series from the mid-2000s, which was going to be produced (and possibly directed?) by Frank Darabont as a sequel to John Carpenter's 1982 classic The Thing. I sat on the episode for a while because I still needed to write and record the opening chunk of production notes and a synopsis. When I finally got on that, it ended up expanding into something way too large to record for the episode, so Tim Pelan at Cinetropolis was kind enough to let me host the adjoining piece on his site as an article tying into the podcast. What resulted was the single longest article I've written to date, so I don't begrudge anyone who's not able to make it all the way through, but I had fun writing it as well as researching the entire run of Syfy's channel history. Seriously, I've got detailed timelines and everything. From now on, all my pieces on the unproduced works of John Carpenter will be articles for Cinetropolis, though there's a few I'm definitely planning to accompanying a podcast with.

The Article:

The Podcast