April 27, 2017

[Long Box Carpentry] Halloween, Part 1 - The Chaos! Year

The first of three episodes in which JD and I look at comic book tie-ins for the Halloween films, beginning with the year they spent at a comic company so EXTREME that they have an exclamation point right there in the logo. Join us for the continuing adventures of Tommy Doyle and the Cult of the Thorn as the writer of Halloween 6 keeps trying his damnedest to make Halloween 6 relevant. Check it out here!

April 8, 2017

[Greystoked] Tarzan the Tiger (1929)

Michael and I are once again joined by David May for a look at this transitional film which, while still largely silent, began adding in sound effects, a synched score, and our very first awkward Tarzan yell! Frank Merrill, the former stunt double of Elmo Lincoln, is back in the pelts for the second and final of his headlining serials, as Tarzan faces a jealous queen, multiple amnesiac blows to the head, a massive rubber crocodile, and the prettiest pouch of pebbles you've ever seen. Check it out here!

April 3, 2017

GUEST SPOT! Shot/Reverse Shot: Five Came Back

Edwin Davies (who writes magnificent film reviews on A Mighty Fine Blog - seriously, I can't recommend his work highly enough) had me on his film podcast Shot/Reverse Shot to discuss Five Came Back, a new Netflix documentary series where modern legends of the film industry talk about the group from the past who banded together during WWII to make propagandist films which not only drove the public perception of the war, but established new techniques for how documentaries would continue to be made for decades to come. Check it out here!