December 8, 2015


Jak Locke, musician extraordinaire and co-host of The Monthly Midnight Movie Exchange, has directed his first movie! With Angie and an eager skeleton crew, they put together a dual western film both adapting a hysterical script Jak wrote when he was 7 years old, as well as a rich and mature remix of many of the same story elements. I was involved by contributing to the Indiegogo campaign and providing the voice of a drunkard in a jail cell (my first IMDb credit!) and had the honor of attending the film's premiere during a visit to New Orleans. Check out the official website/store, as well as an overview of the premiere weekend.

December 6, 2015

[Short-Lived Showcase / Masters of Carpentry] Starman, episodes 1-5

It's a Short-Lived Showcase and Masters of Carpentry crossover event! Kinda! If you don't know, Carpenter's classic film was followed a few years later by a single season television series sequel with Robert Hays (Airplane) now in the title role. As we get started, Starman reunites with his son, encounters woods filled with hunters, helps a catatonic Kenneth Tobey fix an airplane, fakes a UFO for Cletus Hogg, and runs into his dead body's best friend. All while being pursued by the most ineffectual government agent imaginable.

Episode 1 "The Return"
Episode 2 "Like Father, Like Son"
Episode 3 "Fatal Flaw"
Episode 4 "Blue Lights"
Episode 5 "Best Buddies"

December 3, 2015

[Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome] Cage

A huge thank you to Melissa and Windy for once again inviting me over, this time for a massively, gloriously unending look at one of the most infamous and debated actors of our generation: Nicolas Cage!

Part 1

Part 2