February 5, 2008

Adrift (1996 story)

Written by Koji Suzuki.

When the Wakashio VII - a fishing boat headed home with a full berth of tuna - come across an abandoned yacht, Kazuo Shiraishi volunteers to man the derelict while they tow it to shore. Pouring over the log, Kazuo reads the unfinished tale of a wealthy family who shared dreams of murder and felt a strange presence after the daughter plucked a mysterious object from the sea.

It's not long after Kazuo discovers a severed towing cable has left him abandoned that the mysterious dreams and presence take hold of him.

A wonderful ghost story in the grand pulp traditions. Nice, slow buildup with a relatable character, suspense and tension as we gather exposition, then a full-on psychological barrage to the clever conclusion. Finally, a supernatural Suzuki tale that works!

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