November 18, 2008

My Own Worst Enemy #3 "Hello, Henry" (2008 episode)

Directed by Bryan Spicer. Written by Tyler Mitchell. Created by Jason Smilovic.

I'll be honest, I feared this was a concept that would quickly get stale as the producers/writers settled things into a formulaic procedural which would play out their kooky scenario over and over and over again. But I must applaud them. They've found some really clever ways to build developing plot threads which look to carry this season into a sturdy arc. Kudos.

For example, in the last episode, Henry explored the only option he could think of when it comes to dealing with the broken chip in his head: an old college buddy currently working as a neurosurgeon. Tests were run, questions were asked, but then Edward found out and the old college buddy became a splayed corpse in the parking lot. This understandably shocks Henry as he sees just how far Edward is willing to go to keep their life in some semblance of his desired order. This leads to excellent moments of conflict as the diametric personalities, growing more and more frustrated with what they see as each others' failings, start finding ways to hurt one another, to sabotage their individual lives and relationships. There's some really twisted, heady places they can go with this and it'll be interesting to see how far they're willing to push it.

So, while they're off struggling to make a deal with a Mexican arms dealer (Julio Oscar Mechoso!), we get a new element added to the equation. Tom/Raymond's wife, Mary (Missy Yager), is starting to put together the pieces that everything isn't normal with her husband and his frequent business trips. He's visiting websites he shouldn't be, not showing up at the hotels he's booked for, and there's something cold about the way he talks to her on the phone. I won't spoil everything here since there's some setup for down the road, but I'm very curious to see how this situation develops.

All in all, yet another great entry in a surprising series. Three weeks in a row they've caught me unexpected with the thoroughness and complexity with which they approach the concept of this series, and I couldn't be more eager to tune in again.

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