December 13, 2008

My Own Worst Enemy #8 "Love in All the Wrong Places" (2008 episode)

Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton. Written by Scott Murphy. Series created by Jason Smilovic.

The Setup:

While on a mission to kidnap a brutal African dictator, Edward discovers a batch of hostages that will surely be killed. One of them is Alexander De Santos (Michael O'Neill), an old flame of Mavis Heller.

Back at home, Edward's relationship with Dr. Skinner takes a stumble when Heller orders it to end, and he finds himself sputtering when Henry's wife Angie says she wants another baby.

The Good:

- Relationships seem to be the central theme this episode, and all are explored to great effect. Henry has long wanted another child, but his certainty flounders in the face of his dangerous new lifestyle. Skinner wants to know how knowledge of their relationship will affect things with Edward, but he brushes it off as something that wasn't serious in the first place. Both of these are relationships born out of Janus and are held up to a mirror of sorts against that of Mavis and Alexander, which was torn apart by the project.

- I like how they initially seem to counterbalance Henry's stumbling covert strike with the earlier, professional one perpetrated by Edward, but then they throw a nice twist in there that shows how well Henry and Raymond are adapting to their situation.

- Bill Duke is wonderful as the brutal dictator. I was initially worried that he was underplaying it in a bit too much of a slump, but I realized just how sly his performance is as his character loops his interrogation back on Edward. Very clever.

The Bad:

- The Electromagnetic Centrifuge Gun is one hell of an awesome toy, but it gives such an advantage that the question will inevitably be raised as to why it's not used more often down the road. And, no, the fritzing screen doesn't count as an reason.

- I'm surprised there isn't a bit of a payoff at the end with regards to Henry being viciously tortured for the first time. He takes it well, but I can't believe he'd hold off on sharing a reaction when all is said and done.

In Conclusion:

It's a damn strong standalone episode that takes a bit of a time out from the developing plot threads to let us see just how well the players play their games. Especially Henry, whose confidence and abilities continue to believably grow with each mission. Sadly, we just have one more to go.

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