August 23, 2014

[Deconstruction is Magic] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, episode 7 "Dragonshy"

"I get what you mean, Gerf, about how this is an episode that will grate on those who aren't fans of Fluttershy. The thing is, I do like her character, and it still grates on me, much in the same way "Applebuck Season" did, even though I also quite like Applejack as a character. What I mean by this is that both episodes take the character’s central... weakness might not be the right word, but the personality issue which often gets in their way - stubbornness for Applejack, timidness for Fluttershy - and hinges their story so heavily on that aspect, exaggerating it so far into an extreme that it starts to feel artificial.

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