October 18, 2014

[Deconstruction is Magic] My Little Pony, episode 15 "Feeling Pinkie Keen"

"This is probably the most straight up Looney Tunes episode we've had up to this point, complete with anvils dropping out of the sky, people slipping in and out from under boulders as though they were cardboard boxes, and someone continuing to bounce past the edge of a cliff until they look down and realize where they're no longer standing. It's fun, it's zany, it moves at a great clip, and it helps that a good chunk of it is centered on Pinkie Pie, who's pretty much that entire style of cartoon storytelling squished down into a single person with some stitching over the zippers to keep it tightly sealed within as it – nope, popped the seam again and she's pouring cartoon all over the place. Get a mop."

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