March 5, 2015

[Masters of Carpentry] Johnocrypha #2: The Thing From Another World (1951 film)

"I love the pace of it. Hawks has always had a very simple style, there's nothing really flashy about his camera work, but he stages things very well. As you said, like a play. Even during the big climax, where it's basically just a single shot down a single hallway, as people are coming left and right, up and down, setting up the tracks, setting up all the insulation. What I love is how crowded this cast is, too. It's like 20-25 people, all usually gathered in a room versus this one thing."

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Ray said...

I could never forget the impact of fright I had when I first watched this as a kid. at the time it was one of the scariest movies I ever saw, and still carries on bit of suspense to it today. I remember being afraid to walk around corners in my home and opening a door after seeing this Sci-Fi classic. on my little old black and white TV. Years later as I watched it on DVD there are things about the movie that make me laugh, such as that old style rapid back and forth dialogue of the characters. Now the remake featured more complexity and visuals of the creature but it didn't have the realistic effect that I felt in the 1951 film.