March 11, 2016

[Made of Fail] The Shannara Chronicles, Season 1

As many of you know, after several years of creating content affiliated with Made of Fail, I ended up parting ways with them for various reasons to venture off on my own. But Made of Fail has ably carried on, retooling the central podcast, and over the last season, adding some wonderful new blogging projects to the site. Dayna herself began some wonderful coverage of The Shannara Chronicles, a television adaptation of a book series to which we both have deep ties from our younger days. I eagerly followed along with her writeups, and when she suddenly needed to step aside, I offered to fill in during her absence. It was weird popping into the old site again, but fun, as we not only saw the season through, but I had a blast collaborating with Dayna on the final post-mortem post. It was a really nice opportunity, one I'm glad I didn't pass up.

Dayna's initial posts:
Episodes 1-2 "Chosen"
Episode 3 "Fury"
Episode 4 "Changeling"
Episode 5 "Reaper"

Then I took over:
Episode 6 "Pykon"
Episode 7 "Breakline"
Episode 8 "Utopia"
Episode 9 "Safehold"
Episode 10 "Ellcrys"

Then our shared post-mortem.

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